Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Three of Cups

Celebrations are in the air for you this week take time and think what you can help out with as there are those around you that cannot cope with all the running around this will cause. A younger person will be most helpful and will support you when needed. Blue is lucky

Lucky Number 12


Taurus 21st Apr – 21st May – The Star

A very lucky card for you this week this is a time to push some boundaries and get things finalised. There will be a shift in mood for those around you which will seem a big relief as this will help you in many ways. Thinking of adopting a cat ? there will be an opportunity

Lucky Number 08


Gemini 22nd May – 21st June – Seven of Swords

You really need to keep plans quiet unless you accept others will be stealing your ideas this week surround yourself with true friends and all will be well. An acquaintance will ask a favour, think twice before parting with any of your hard earned cash. Red will be lucky

Lucky Number 17


Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July – The Tower

This is a great time to have a clear out, physically and mentally, about time too you have been becoming stuck in a bit of a rut and others are not helping, time to say goodbye to any negative friends and focus on the future with those who wish to help. Green is lucky

Lucky Number 29


Leo 23rd July – 22nd Aug – Strength

You seem to be helping others out this week and in turn you will find out some interesting news which will help you out in different ways. Remember to take time for you though. A short trip to water will clear your head & give you the strength you need to help others out

Lucky Number 22

Virgo 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept – Two of Wands

Travel figures highly this week and it is looking good, however take the short delays as part of the journey and enjoy some peace. Not easy to find time on your own this week so plan ahead and all will be well. As you notice a round window a new friend will be made

Lucky Number 22



Libra 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct – Ace of Wands

Any interview or exam will go well, your health is improving and this will continue all down to a positive frame of mind. Some delays where transport will slow you down mid week. A green door will bring you luck, but then this week seems to be all about luck and positivity

Lucky Number 32



Scorpio 23rd Oct – 21st Nov – Death

This card talks about big changes coming in your life, death of a situation not a physical death, so lookout for those hints and signs to lead you into a new and exciting part of your life. A new adventure planned now will work out exceptionally well. Purple will be lucky

Lucky Number  36



Sagittarius 22nd Nov – 20th Dec – Four of Swords

Your health will be your main concern this week get yourself checked out and make those changes that have already been suggested. A young person with dark hair will help you out there. This is a time of reflection and calm, take that on board and the week will be good


Lucky Number 13

Capricorn 21st Dec – 19th Jan – Two of Coins

This week will be about learning once again to balance or reorganise your financial matters, check pensions and insurances to make sure they are still serving you well. A change of employment (or hobby if not working) will be offered, a new pathway for you
Lucky Number  31

Aquarius 20th Jan – 19th Feb – Ten of Cups

This week seems to be full of family and friends, not much time to relax as younger members demand your time. Happy times ahead even plans to take a short break. Thursday could see minor disagreements but let them blow over as nothing serious

Lucky number 40



Pisces 20th Feb – 20th Mar – King of Wands

Take time to plan and be organised as things could quite easily become too frantic this week. Others will demand more time of you and this will benefit you ultimately if you can make the time. Whatever the weather you will find the sun shining in your heart, great week

Lucky Number  33


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