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Almost three years after a court judgement ordered its closure, one of Benidorm’s iconic beachfront bars has been flattened to the ground.

Neighbouring businesses and residents were taken by surprise early last Monday morning, when a team of contractors, bulldozers and trucks moved onto the premises of the infamous Tiki Beach Bar, on the resort’s Levante Beach and began to dismantle the building.

Rumours, uncertainty and confusion surrounds the future of the prized beachfront location, as Tiki Beach had been trading normally up to the previous day and so far no announcement has been made regarding any new business on the plot of land.

However, much speculation has consumed fans and critics of the controversial bar, who took to the pages of social media over the following day, to comment, share their opinions and views on the rumours.

One thing is certain, Tiki Beach, will not reappear in its former guise, as the building had been bulldozed to the ground by Tuesday morning.

Wildly popular and beloved by thousands of tourists and locals alike, Tiki Beach had long become the subject of a string of complaints from neighbours in the Santa Margarita building in whose grounds the controversial pub is located.

Residents had complained repeatedly over the years about the loud music and boozy tourists and the atmosphere the bar has created, plus the partying in the middle of the road making walking and vehicular access difficult at times.

Last November, the Spanish Supreme court eventually ruled in favour of the residents and ordered the closure of the pub in a decision that couldn’t be appealed.

That decision did not deter the bar’s owners, who did appeal again, on the grounds that one of the witness statements was false testimony as it accused the wife of the bar’s owner of colluding with local police and residents of the building.

This gave the bar a stay of execution, to remain open through the busy season of Benidorm Fiestas, Christmas and New Year, right through to its closure earlier this week.

The Tiki Beach facebook page has no information regarding the situation and the word from the contractors on site is that, they are constructing a new bar, which should open in around two weeks time.

So, it does appear that this really is the end of the promenade for Tiki Beach, a bar that you either loved or hated, but never forgot.

Look out for updates on future developments in the pages of The Weekender over the next few weeks.

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