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A 52 year old man who raped a young Venezuelan woman, saying she could not report him for the attack as she was an illegal immigrant, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison by an Alicante court.

 The prosecution said how the man posted an advert looking for a barmaid in an establishment he was opening in Alicante City. He interviewed the 27 year old woman and told her, after a brief interview, that she could have the job. He then asked her to help him with cleaning the bar. When she returned from buying products for this the man locked the doors and closed the shutters, telling the woman that was required as “the bar did not yet have a licence”.

Bizarrely he then offered to marry the woman, saying it would make her legally resident. When she refused he first told her how his wife had left him and then started inquiring about her own private life. The attack took place after the defendant grabbed the victim by the neck then raped and sexually abused her. The defendant said that he had a knife and would kill her if she screamed, then later made his statement about her rights as an immigrant. Despite the threats she chose to tell the police who arrested the man leading to this weeks trial and conviction. The court also revealed after sentencing that the man had four previous convictions for sexual assault, including a sentence of seven years. He also has a history of violent robbery.

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