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Two teenagers were rushed to hospital with serious injuries, following a collision with a vehicle on the busy Avenida Europa, N332 trunk road, passing throughL’Alfas del Pi, last Monday morning.

The accident occurred, on a roundabout alongside the Corpore Fitness Gym and RemarRastro, when the moped, being ridden by the victims struck a car, causing the riders to be thrown from their bike.

The bike passengers, a boy aged 17 and his pillion rider, a girl aged 15, were wearing crash helmets, but wore no protective clothing, only shorts and T shirts, leading to severe grazing to their bodies.

A SAMU unit and an SVB unit were despatched to the scene of the incident, which caused major traffic problems on the busy arterial route.

Both victims were immediately transferred to the Imed de Levante Hospital, in Benidorm, where the young man received treatment for a fractured femur and abrasions and the girl was treated for head trauma and contusions.

A witness to the accident, posted on Facebook, saying he had spoken to the driver of the other vehicle involved, who told him police officers had assured them they were not at fault for the collision.

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