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SAD news in the world of ducks as Trevor, a mallard dubbed the planet’s loneliest bird after becoming stranded on a remote Pacific island, died this week. He somehow ended up on the remote island of Niue which has no mallards or indeed ducks of any kind.

He was found on the island after a major storm and it was thought he was blown badly off course, over 2,000 kilometres away from his probable destination of New Zealand.

Trevor decided to make a go of it on Niue, which has a population of about 1,600 and is popular with tourists due to it’s pristine beaches and diving. What it doesn’t have unfortunately is any rivers, streams or lakes so Trevor decided to make a large roadside puddle his home.

He became popular with locals and the local fire brigade even ensured his puddle was kept topped up. While he didn’t have any other ducks within several hundred miles he did make good friends with a local chicken apparently. There had been talk of flying in a companion for Trevor but sadly he died this week, a long way from home.

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